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  • Should You Hire A Real Estate Agent?

    Friday March 14th 2014

    Selling a home on your own is easier in many ways than it used to be.  Online tools are readily available and the idea of saving the commission money that goes to an agent might seem appealing.  However, before making the decision to go it alone, know what you are getting into and be ready...  [ read more... ]

  • Home Improvements That Help Sell Your House

    Wednesday February 26th 2014

    Hundreds of factors are considered by homebuyers when choosing a home such as location, schools, lot size, commute time, etc.  There are also a number of home features that will help your house sell faster and for a better price.  Studies show that the following interior features are ve...  [ read more... ]

  • Contemporary Finishes & Surface Details are Important to New Home Buyers

    Thursday January 30th 2014

    After 25 years of serving the Puget Sound real estate market, Skyline Properties knows how important it is for new construction homes to be built with the latest in contemporary surface materials, cabinets, carpets, and hardware. While structural integrity and the floor plan layout are always cri...  [ read more... ]

Client Testimonials

  •  I bought my house at age 19 with the help of Dan Whitehouse's expert knowledge of the dynamic real estate market. I paid well below asking price on a house I loved. Dan was dedicated to my search with quick status checks on over 60 houses I was interested in at all hours of the day to accommodate my work schedule. I have already and will continue to recommend him to anyone needing a house. 

    ~ Chris Davis

  • Dan helped me buy my first house in 2004. We had a blind bidding process that Dan helped us successfully win. HUD was actually selling the home in a unique blind bidding process and Dan had such a handle on the market we were able to outbid the second highest bidder. He also had reliable contacts in the finance field and inspection field. I would recommend Dan to anyone who wants to buy a home in the greater Pierce County area. 

    ~ Quinn & Felise Zander-Conn

  • Edd Laville is more than our realtor - he is a compassionate community builder who happens to KNOW real estate at the highest level and translates the industry jargon into plain English for the families he serves. Nine years after we bought our home through Edd's exemplary customer service, his ability to genuinely build and maintain relationships moved us to call him to sell for us. In this challenging late October/November market, we had an offer in only seven days and with Edd's representation and knowledge of the market,  confirmed a closing date for the entire process in less than 30 days of listing!  We are extremely grateful for his partnership and know others will be as well!  Thanks Edd!  

    ~ Calvin & Julie L.

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Broker Testimonials

  • I chose to work at Skyline Properties because of the managing broker that is always there for you with your questions and will always answer her phone.  I came from a brokerage where the managing broker didn't give out his cell phone number and you had to make appointments with him just to ask some questions.  At Skyline, Brooke has always answered all my questions, gives everyone her cell phone number, backs up the brokers in sticky situations and is constantly willing to help.  I am proud to have such an involved managing broker and am glad I am working at Skyline.

    ~ Rachel Jones

  • Demitri Vyziz

    I’ve been a broker with a number of other local real estate companies throughout my career and have found Skyline to be the best fit for me. They have offices in every county, a managing broker who is always there to catch my back and an army of savvy transaction coordinators to help me finalize my deals. I’m also a part of a large network of industry colleagues I can interact with day-to-day on market trends and questions.

    ~ Demitri Vyziz

  • Moving my business from Windermere to Skyline Properties was an easy decision and I've loved the awesome commission structure here. After only nine months here I’ve enjoyed how Skyline's support team and managing brokers are always there for me. I can confidently say I am more successful than ever and this was the best career decision I've ever made.

    ~ Tony Behrend