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 I am considering getting a real estate license.
 I have just passed my test and gotten my license. Now what do I do?
 I have worked in real estate for years and am considering changing offices.
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Find out why Skyline brokers outperform the Northwest MLS average!

Today's real estate market is full of exciting opportunities. If you are a veteran who needs inspiration or you're looking to start a new real estate business, Skyline has it all. Not only do we offer you an unusually profitable commission structure, but you'll also have access to our database of resources and all the support you need to nurture your real estate business into everything you want it to be!

See our real estate education calendar here, open to ALL brokers!

New Brokers

We understand that as a new broker you may have a lot of concerns and questions about your new career in real estate.  You probably are finding yourself wondering:

  • How do I write a contract?
  • How do I find clients?
  • Will Skyline provide me leads?
  • How do I successfully market myself?
  • Will there be someone available to help me when I need it?
  • What is the process for signing up with Skyline?
  • How much do I pay Skyline and what are the fees?

We make signing on with Skyline very easy and we have all the tools, training and personalized help that new brokers need to jumpstart their real estate career.  There is absolutely no need to feel overwhelmed.  Skyline is unique in that you will have full access to 5 different Puget Sound offices and 7 different managers are available to assist you all along the way.  We also hold regular education and training meetings to give you help on all the details of behind being a successful real estate agent.  If there is anything in particular you need help with, you can also go to any one of our managers for individual help.  You can rest assured knowing that even if the manager of the branch you frequent the most is busy, 6 other managers are available.

Experienced Brokers

Even if you have years of experience as a real estate professional, we know that there are certain things you are looking for from your company.  Many veteran real estate agents love Skyline for reduced overhead, our cutting edge technology, access to 7 different managers and 5 different Puget Sound offices, among other great benefits.  Some additional reasons why our brokers love Skyline:

  • 100% commission
  • No franchise fees
  • No Realtor dues
  • Paperless pipeline
  • Commission checks cut everyday by 2pm
  • Help with continual growth
  • Full time support 
  • Transaction coordinator


Skyline Provides the BEST Tools, Training & Support in Real Estate

Ongoing Training & Support!

Skyline Properties offers all of our commissioned brokers, free access to a comprehensive and ongoing schedule of relevant training classes to keep your clock hours up to par, your excitement for the industry alive and your success as a real estate professional progressing.

After two+ decades as a leader in Puget Sound real estate, Skyline has been recognized time and again for its rewarding and stable business model. If you are looking to represent a brokerage that will help you cultivate a strong and respected independent real estate practice, you’ve come to the right place. You can trust Skyline to stand by you every step of the way while you build a flourishing real estate business.

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Broker Testimonials

  • I chose to work at Skyline Properties because of the managing broker that is always there for you with your questions and will always answer her phone.  I came from a brokerage where the managing broker didn't give out his cell phone number and you had to make appointments with him just to ask some questions.  At Skyline, Brooke has always answered all my questions, gives everyone her cell phone number, backs up the brokers in sticky situations and is constantly willing to help.  I am proud to have such an involved managing broker and am glad I am working at Skyline.

    ˜ Rachel Jones

  • I've worked my entire 15 year real estate career for Skyline Properties. I am often approached to change brokerages, but I am loyal to Skyline, because they catch my back on complicated transactions and I can always trust their attention to detail. I even get the privilege of working from home, without losing the benefits of a full-service broker support office.

    ˜ Heide Richter