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Broker Testimonials

  • I chose to work at Skyline Properties because of the managing broker that is always there for you with your questions and will always answer her phone.  I came from a brokerage where the managing broker didn't give out his cell phone number and you had to make appointments with him just to ask some questions.  At Skyline, Brooke has always answered all my questions, gives everyone her cell phone number, backs up the brokers in sticky situations and is constantly willing to help.  I am proud to have such an involved managing broker and am glad I am working at Skyline.

    ˜ Rachel Jones

  • Demitri Vyziz

    I’ve been a broker with a number of other local real estate companies throughout my career and have found Skyline to be the best fit for me. They have offices in every county, a managing broker who is always there to catch my back and an army of savvy transaction coordinators to help me finalize my deals. I’m also a part of a large network of industry colleagues I can interact with day-to-day on market trends and questions.

    ˜ Demitri Vyziz

  • I've worked my entire 15 year real estate career for Skyline Properties. I am often approached to change brokerages, but I am loyal to Skyline, because they catch my back on complicated transactions and I can always trust their attention to detail. I even get the privilege of working from home, without losing the benefits of a full-service broker support office.

    ˜ Heide Richter