In Memory of Chris Hotes

Bellevue English

We are deeply saddened to share that Christopher Hotes tragically and unexpectedly passed away on October 29, 2022. Chris was the beloved son of Scott and Julie Hotes, brother of Ryan Hotes, boyfriend to Meily Arango, and cherished friend of many. Across the country, his bright, magnetic, and incredibly selfless personality shined a light on countless lives. For many years, Chris battled unimaginable adversity, and through it all he nurtured his own superpowers: kindness and patience. In trying times, Chris would calmly advise his parents and friends with a simple yet grounding mantra, “Be Kind, Be Patient”. A saying that shall forever guide many within in his community.

 Like many before him, Christopher fought hard against the traumas of drug dependence and mental illness. After a decade of healing and self-discovery, Chris held onto sobriety for two and a half wonderful years. His hard work planted the seeds for a fruitful career, good health, flourishing relationships, and a life of exploration and travel.

 This Go Fund Me will go towards aiding the countless victims of mental illness, trauma, and addiction, as well as their families. Our governments have failed to adequately address the drug and mental illness epidemic that continues to plague our loved ones, so it is up to us and our communities to provide the aid and support our leaders continuously fail to give. All your donations are highly appreciated and will be fully utilized to help people who struggle with drug addiction and mental illness. We will hold ourselves accountable and continue to update you all on this plan of action.




“Be Kind, Be Patient”