About Skyline Properties

Skyline Properties has one of the most experienced, helpful team of real estate brokers in the Puget Sound Area.  With 28 years of experience, over 600 brokers, and five offices, buyers and sellers have found Skyline to be the right choice for them.  Skyline is involved in 1 in 10 transactions in the Greater Seattle area.


Skyline Properties was founded by Ron Hennig and Pete Lance, on the principal belief that brokers shouldn’t have to pay 50 percent of their commissions – along with another 6 percent in franchise fees – just to be supported by a quality brokerage firm.  Skyline opened their first office in Bellevue in 1988, immediately implementing a low fee 100% commission program.  Skyline showed agents that a company didn’t have to demand over 50 percent of their income to be a legitimate professional support resource. 

Skyline grew from only two agents in 1988 to over 60 agents by the end of the year.  In year three the number grew to 200 and in 1993 a second branch opened in Seattle.  Today Skyline has five thriving branch offices in Seattle, Everett, Bellevue, Kent, and Puyallup.  For the past 15 years, Skyline has served the community as the largest, independent, non-franchising real estate company in Washington State.

Skyline is proud of its legacy and the industry change it has helped to inspire these past 25 years.  As Skyline’s leadership looks forward to the next 25 years, they expect to continue searching for innovations and creative ways to strengthen the integrity of the Puget Sound real estate industry.

2000 Brokers Rate Skyline's Performance