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Sell Your Home With Skyline

Get top dollar for your home by using a few simple tips:

  1. Look at your home as though it belongs to someone else because soon, it will.
  2. Un-clutter your home and organize your cupboards and closets with the eyes of a surgical nurse preparing for an operation.  People love to snoop, and they inevitably make assumptions about the home based on what they see behind the scenes whether it's correct or not.
  3. Clean like you've never cleaned before.
  4. Make sure you have enough light.  Create a cheerful, bright interior.
  5. Make necessary repairs--especially to the kitchen, the heart of the home.
  6. Put all mementos and personal history items in storage or box them up so they are out of sight, you want your buyer to picture themselves in the house--not you.
  7. Create a great first impression by making the outside of your home neat, tidy, and cheery. Invest in some bright flowers and trim the lawn and edges.

Last, but not least, choose a real estate Broker you trust.  A professional Broker knows the market, the local history, and what changes may be in the works for your neighborhood which may work in your favor.  A real estate professional can help you negotiate pricing, as well as provide input into what repairs may be necessary, suggest ways you might create the best first impression with your buyer, and how and when to advertise.  Plus, a real estate Broker offers added security by pre-screening buyers that tour your home.  You know your business; real estate professionals know theirs.  Let their expertise work for you!

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